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An Incredible Mattress With an Unbelievable Trial Period

The Netcar Mattress lives up to the hype

Nectar Sleep

Every mattress seems to offer the same things: an incredible nights sleep, superior design and construction and a price that cannot be beat. So while we’re always game to try a mattress, we’re not always sure what we’ll get. After all, a good nights sleep is a big promise and everyone sleeps different.

With that in mind I’ve spent the last month on the Nectar Sleep mattress, and we can say that this mattress is incredible. While it’s important to note that all mattresses come down to fit in the end, this one was as good as I found for the style I like. More on that in just a minute.

The Nectar’s mattress is a memory foam. For me, this is my mattress of choice. I want the kind of mattress that conforms to my body and this one did just that. Its construction is 5 layers deep. The top layer is a tencel cooling cover. This keeps the moisture away in the dog days of summer. While we reviewed in spring there were some hot nights and A/C that didn’t do the trick. The old mattress would have made for a wet and uncomfortable sleep but this seemed to keep me cool.

The second layer gets into the nuts and bolts of what makes this mattress good: the quilted gel memory foam. Not only does this keep the air circulating but it fits to the contour of your body. I was surprised just how much our old mattress wasn’t doing us any favors once we spent a month in this one. The idea of “getting comfortable” was a distant memory.

The final three layers are all more of the same memory foam makeup that makes this mattress truly excellent. I was pleasantly surprised how quickly I got comfortable. Most mattresses can leave you with an unpleasant first nights sleep but this mattress was great from Day 1.

The memory foam was great because once I got in, it was perfect and every time I took a nap or went to bed it was the same experience. The hot nights were a lot cooler in this mattress than my previous one. It’s a safe assumption that I’ll be using this mattress going forward, even though my previous mattress is only a couple of years old.

What we also loved about the mattress is the one-year trial. This is incredible and so necessary for most mattresses which need time to get used to, sometimes even more than 100 nights. They’ll let you keep it a year and take it back if it doesn’t meet your expectations. It’s the definition of a no-risk purchase.

If you do decide to keep it a Nectar Sleep King Mattress comes in at just over $1000. That’s a super competitive price in the marketplace. If you don’t have the funds or don’t want to part with the case all at once you can, like so many, decide to finance and get some pretty affordable options now.

I know the world of mattresses is very subjective, and we know there’s a lot to choose, but there’s no reason the memory foam crowd shouldn’t take a look at Nectar sleep.

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