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A Mattress With a Year Long Trial That You'll Only Need a Month to Love

The Dreamcloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress is an incredible buy


A year is a long time to decide if you like something. For a mattress it might be just the right amount of time. A mattress can take a while to get used to. Your body, if you’re like most people, has spent years sleeping on the same surface, with the same grooves and dips and dents. The wear and tear is real and even that imperfection is something everyone gets used to.

There’s also a seasonal factor. Mattresses are made of different materials, have different features like pillow tops and therefore acclimate different throughout the calendar year. We’ve heard horror stories about mattresses that were warm and comfortable during the frigid winter months but then ended up feeling like a heater in the hot and humid summer months. It’s hard to know how the seasons affect a mattress you’ll only get to try for 100 nights.

This is why we were high on the DreamCloud. This is an incredible offer that allows you to take a mattress through an entire 12 months, experience the changes in weather and the time it takes for your body to get used to it. In our review will start out with the first 30 days, then depending on when you discover the article, we’ll update you periodically after that. We want to make sure you get a good review of this mattress and one that matches the offer. If the first month is any indication, we’re going to be just as happy in a year.

First, this mattress is soft and comfortable. The best we can compare it to is a pillow top. It’s not the memory foam and it’s not the firm supportive mattress like Level Sleep is (that one actually helps with your shoulder and back issues as well) this one is exactly as advertised. It’s meant to feel like a cloud and it does without question.

The mattress has eight layers to give it that cloud-like feel. While we standby that it’s selling point is a pillow-top like feel, we should point out that this mattress, in it’s eight layers, has 5 layers of memory foam. It has quilted, high density, super dense, gel infused and dreamplush foam. It helps you sink in and supports the contours of your body to give you the best nights sleep.

Additionally it’s got “bestrest” coils. These are a compression system that gives you the best of the best in support, from head to toe. That along with its natural latex means you’ve got a bed that supports while providing enough bounce for extra cushioning and contouring.

We found that after the first couple of nights of adjustment, we started to sleep really well. The Dreamcloud is a mattress that you really can get comfortable on quick, especially if the cloud/pillow top is your speed. We’ve been reviewing other mattresses (with reviews still to come) and we didn’t find that we adapted as quickly as this mattress.

The mattress was packed well and made getting around tight corners at the installation much easier than we thought. We do warn that the King model, for instance, is heavy so be ready to lift, or bring a friend to help carry the load. Once it’s on it’s just a few short hours to let the mattress even out and it’s good to go.

The price for a Dreamcloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress is competitive but might be on the higher end of some of it’s competition but they do offer a $200 off deal for signing up for their email. Also, if financing is a must, they do have some low payment options.

We’ll update this review as we spend more time with the mattress and especially if anything changes our opinion of the quality of mattresses but based on the first month we think this is one of the better mattresses on the market and one to consider when shopping for your next.

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