These Cool Chinos Are the Pants You're Wearing to Work This Summer

They fit like a dream


There’s an endless supply of chinos in the world so it’s truly unique when a pair stands out the way the Cool Chinos by Flint and Tinder stood out for us. Our reviewer was blown away by the fit and feel (more on that in a minute).

Chinos are the quintessential work wear for those not required to wear suits. They are dressed up enough to go to a work meeting and look at the level of everyone in the room. However, they are often casual and comfortable enough to wear them out for drinks or for more casual, but stylish, weekend wear.

So our first instinct around the Cool Chinos were “more of the same” but then we actually put them on. These fit like a dream. They have a slimmer, straight fit so they’ll give off a sleek appearance. The modern fit makes them stylish. We thought these chinos fit right to really impress with these pants.

Despite a slim fit that’s a little more true to your form there was plenty of give and tons of comfort. These, like most of our reviews from Huckberry, are really comfortable. We found wearing these for a long work day was just fine. Sometimes you’re itching to get out of your chinos by the end of the day but this pair was really nice.

Now, about the “Cool” part. These pants were breathable as advertised. This is why they were so comfortable. The fabric was light and definitely didn’t feel heavy like other brands we’ve worn. These were exactly what you’d want from a Chino, especially as you get into the unbearable heat of the summer months. When shorts are not an option, these Chinos should be your go-to pair of pants.

We’re often hesitant in our reviews when it comes to price, largely because it’s so subjective but we think $98 for these pants absolutely worth it. A good pair of chinos from any competitive brand can set you back this much. These have some of the competition beat by a mile. We highly recommend this.