Galaxy Note 10 2019: Release Date, Leaks, Latest Rumors for the New Phablet

This year could have surprises in store for Galaxy Note fans.

samsung galaxy note 9

Samsung has already launched two new potentially game-changing phone lines in 2019, and there is a lot more to come. In March, the company introduced the near completely bezel-less S10 series and the Galaxy Fold, the first foldable phone that will soon become available in the United States. The latest chatter also suggests that even more launches are on deck for the Summer.

Last August, Samsung debuted the Galaxy Note 9, The $999 device came with a Bluetooth-powered stylus, a beastly 4,000mAH battery, and pushed capacity boundaries by offering up to 1TB of storage with an microSD slot. This year, it looks like the Note 9 could get more than one successor.

On April 8, Korean news outlet ET News reported that the tech giant would bring three new variants to the phablet to market. That was corroborated days later by famed Samsung leaker Ice Universe, who accurately predicted features that would come with the Note 9 in 2018.

samsung galaxy note 9
The expected Galaxy Note 10 might be familiar, but come with some game-changing differences from last year's Note 9.

Samsung already offers a stacked roster of next-generation phones. Three new models of the unofficially named “Note 10” could give Galaxy user more upgrade options than any year before it.

Galaxy Note 10: Release Date

Since 2015, Samsung has hosted a launch event for its high-end phablet in August and it will likely be the same this year. Last year, the company hosted its Unpacked event for the Note 9 on August 9 and ET News reports that this year’s event will go down on August 8.

We should know the exact date relatively soon: Samsung confirmed the date for last year’s Unpacked on June 27.

Galaxy Note 10: Variants

Just like the S10 releases, ET News’ sources tell them that the Note 10 will ship with 6.28-inch and 6.75-inch LTE models alongside a premium 5G version. Ice Universe suggested in a tweet that either the 6.74-inch or the 5G version would be dubbed the “Galaxy 10 Pro.”

The 6.75-inch model would be the largest screen ever featured on a Galaxy Note phablet and it’s possible that the 5G version might even get larger. The upcoming Galaxy S10 5G already clocks in at 6.7-inches and the Galaxy Note series have always been larger than the Samsung’s S-series.

This could be the year we see a 6.8- or 6.9-inch, 5G-enabled Galaxy Note device.

Galaxy Note 10: Price

There haven’t been any leaks or rumors regarding the price point of the Note 9’s successors, but we can always look to the pricing on recently released hands like the S10 series for insights.

The Note 9 started at $999, which suggests that 2019 could be the year when the Note series crosses the $1,000 mark. Currently the 6.4-inch, S10+ starts at $999 without 5G-support. Seeing as the predicted 6.75-inch and 5G models of the Note 10 will either have a much larger screen or cutting-edge broadband connectivity, odds are they’ll be priced higher than $1,000.

The 6.28-inch Note 10 will likely be the most affordable variant. It will be similar in size to the S10, which costs $899. The Note series comes with more bells and whistles than the S10 phones, so expect a starting price no cheaper than $999.

samsung galaxy note 9
The Galaxy Note 10 could back more screen than any Note model before it.

Galaxy Note 10: Cameras

The ET News report goes on to say that the the 6.75-inch model will come with four rear cameras, while the 6.28-inch variant will stick with three. The camera set-up for the 5G version remains unclear.

The report states that, “specifications of the display and the rear camera are almost the same as those of the LTE model.” Given that Samsung is likely to position its S10 5G as its most luxurious S10 device, it will also have four rear cameras.

Galaxy Note 10: Features

There hasn’t been much in the way of leaked features for Samsung’s upcoming phablet. One possibility? Samsung may transform all of the rear lenses into selfie cameras. This is base on the Galaxy A80 handsets which Samsung launched April 10 in Asian markets, and which included a mechanized camera that pops up and flips around depending if you want to take a selfie or a scenic shot.

Samsung could use the A80's rotating camera to make the Note 10 technically bezel-less.

There has been speculation that Samsung will implement this technology in its Note 10 phones. This would free up space on the device’s face for more screen, which could allow the company to forego any sort of notch entirely.

The big issue with camera sliders and mechanized smartphone components like this is that they can quickly begin to deteriorate after intense use. Using the flip feature multiple times a day for an entire year would likely lead to wear and tear, and which could wind up leaving users without a rear or front set of lenses.

It’s unclear if Samsung will include this feature with the Note 10 but it could be a risky way to fulfill consumer demand for a completely bezel-less smartphone.