A Great All Purpose Charger for Travel and More

The ultimate battery charge you need to have


There were a few things that drew us to the SolarJuice 26,800mAH External Battery.

First, there was the claim that it could charge a smartphone many times over. While smartphone makers have gotten better about creating phones with good battery life, we’ve all been there where we’re out and about and without enough battery to last the whole way home.

We also loved that the battery itself was rechargeable through solar power. While this function isn’t the ideal feature of a commuter’s emergency charger we thought this was perfect for camping or to get you through a power outage.

And lastly we loved the idea that it’s able to charge multiple devices at once. We were sure that there’d be drawbacks since charging all those devices puts the battery out of commission a lot more quickly than charging one at a time.

In our testing these features all held up. First, we found that we could charge our smartphone up to ten times before the SolarJuice needed it’s own recharging. We also found that the solar power worked as advertised. It charges slower than using a USB cable but again, in the event of a power outage or in the event of an outdoor adventure the solar charge can, and will, come in handy.

Lastly we put charging multiple devices to the test and it powered multiple smartphones and even got us a little more time on a MacBook.

The price for this battery is $46.99. We think this is a great price for something that can power on its own, charge multiple devices and even power bigger devices. This is the ultimate emergency tool and a must have if you’re traveling internationally our just for a weekend camping.