These Bath Towels Work So Well by Putting Function First

Incredibly fast drying towels


If you’re in the market for the biggest plush bath towels available, this review is not for you. Don’t get us wrong, the Onsen Towels were really well received after our test but they just don’t fit the mold of the blanket like towels you might be used to.

The Onsen Towels are described are super absorbent while feeling luxuriously soft. It’s the waffle weave technology that Onsen says allows them to be quick dry and super absorbent. We found in our testing that they lived up to the billing of being quick dry in every sense of the word. These took a ton of water in and as they said it dried just as quickly. It’s one of the fastest drying towels any of us have used.

Of course we have to dispute some of the claims about soft. These towels weren’t coarse or unpleasant but soft isn’t quite the word we’d use to describe them. They were far more functional then they were soft and honestly, we were more than okay with that.

With that being said the company also says that it gets softer after every wash. We did notice a difference from one wash to the next but it’s worth noting that it might take several washes to get the towels to the desired level of softness.

The price for these towels are on the higher end. They come with a set of two bath towels, two hand towels and two face towels. So you’re getting lot for the $156 price. We think if you want a quick dry towel that’s likely to get more soft with each wash this is the set for you.