Meet Your Favorite Weekend Watch

Its simplicity is the biggest part of its appeal

Timex’s Horween Weekender is as simple a watch as we’ve had the chance to review. It lacks bells and whistles and that’s sort of the point. This watch isn’t made for the boardroom. It’s made for the weekend barbeque. It’s made for the beach. It’s made to serve a function.

The Weekender retails right now at 72.98 but is normally priced at 98.00. The watch is clean in design. It’s got a ticking second-hand and quartz movement. We know Timex has a reputation for durability and it’s likely because the watches they make are stripped of those bells and whistles and focus on doing their primary job: keeping time.

The watch we reviewed had a fabric band so we can’t speak to how it felt with the leather strap. What we can say is that this watch makes an ideal piece after work and the weekends. On Huckberry’s page it recommends you do not swim with it. We also believe you shouldn’t work out with it. The fabric band isn’t made for working out. It’s made for summer afternoons and running errands.

Part of the watches simplicity is the weight. This is a lightweight watch. So light that we almost forgot we had it on. Some of the more powerful watches we’ve had the chance to review are heavy on the wrist. It’s not a deterrent to those watches but we appreciated the feel of wearing the Weekender.

The price of $72 makes it a decent bargain. If we’re honest we’re on the fence about how much this watch is worth. It’s a great casual watch which means you should get a lot of use out of it but still it’s a heavier price for a watch that doesn’t offer any of the bells and whistles. The leather band might have changed our mind on the price but for now we’ll say the price makes it worth considering.

Overall we were pleased with this watch. We’d make this a part of our rotation or our go-to watch, especially in the summer months.