We've Discovered the Most Comfortable Eco-Friendly Boot on the Market

This shoe is incredible and comfortable


The Greenflex Desert boot is one of the most comfortable and stylish boots we have ever tried. Maybe it’s the 30 day aged leather. Maybe it’s because it’s handmade in Northern Italy. Regardless of why this boot has become our new go-to for a boot that sits right on the line between business and casual.

We were struck by how comfortable they were on our feet. The uppers are all leather so they feel soft. In order to get a tight fit you’ve got to tie those shoes really tight. Despite the fact that they sit soft and a little loose at the top, the bottoms are built with a 100% rubber sole so they have some weight to them. The sturdiness of the shoe is there it’s comfortable enough for us to walk around all day in with little wear or tear.

We loved the eco-friendly story behind the boot. These leather boots are softened with all-natural ingredients. A lot of shoes are eco-friendly but don’t come with the same softness and comfortability like the Greenflex have. From the leather to the soles and the expert aging process these shoes are eco-friendly and don’t sacrifice for a second in quality.

We also love how flexible the Greenflex are. These are the perfect shoes for jeans and a t-shirt but also look good in a little more dress attire. These shoes are built for whatever you want to do. A lot of shoes claim it but these shoes are perfectly built for them. Which, if you’ve reading our reviews is something we value.

Greenflex Desert

The reviews on Huckberry are outstanding at 4.5 stars on average. The best part? For handmade Italian leather these boots will only set you back $150. That’s an incredible steal considering the expert craftsmanship behind them. We know these types of boots are in endless supply but we think this version is a cut above the rest. We’d buy them and if you’re in the market you should too.