Everything We Know So Far About 'Marvel's Tigra & Dazzler Show' on Hulu


The days of new adventures for Marvel’s heroes on Netflix may be coming to an end, but Marvel fans have a slate of new animated series to look forward to on Hulu. The streaming service announced the new partnership as part of its upcoming originals in February, and on the schedule is Marvel’s Tigra & Dazzler Show.

Read on for everything we know about this new Marvel animated series, including a Defenders-like crossover coming up featuring these superheroes and other characters getting their own shows.

What Is the Marvel’s Tigra & Dazzler Show Release Date?

That hasn’t been released yet. The partnership was announced in February, so it’s likely that the earliest any of Marvel’s new animated series will be seen is late 2019 or early 2020.

When Will the Marvel’s Tigra & Dazzler Show Trailer Be Released?

It will likely be some time before a full trailer is released, but it is possible that Hulu will drop a teaser or shorter trailer to announce the release date. The official trailer could come anywhere up to a month before the series becomes available.

What Is the Marvel’s Tigra & Dazzler Show About?

In the comics, Greer Nelson is Dr. Joanne Tumolo’s lab assistant. The doctor put her through an experiment that would “enable a human being to attain his or her full physical and mental potential.” She became The Cat, and along the way, she met the Cat People, who used the soul of their greatest champion to save her life. She became possessed by Tigra.

Dazzler is Alison Blaire, a mutant with light-based powers who tried to balance a singing career with her abilities. She worked with several groups in the comics, including the X-Men.

As the description of the animated series reveals, these superheroes are going to find themselves just two among many with powers.

Marvel’s Tigra & Dazzler Show is a story about two woke superheroes and best friends, Tigra and Dazzler, as they fight for recognition among powered people who make up the eight million stories in Los Angeles.

“We are so excited to be the token lady show in this lineup,” writers and executive producers Erica Rivinoja and Chelsea Handler said in a statement. And we’re so thrilled to finally bring the world the cat lady and roller skating pop star show that they’ve been begging for.”

Who Is in the Marvel’s Tigra & Dazzler Show Voice Cast and Crew?

Erica Rivinoja and Chelsea Handlers will write the series and be executive producers with Head of Marvel Television Jeph Loeb.

Ready for 'Marvel's The Offenders'? Marvel

Will There Be a Marvel’s Tigra & Dazzler Show Season 2?

That is unclear. What we do know is that Tigra and Dazzler will be part of the team-up in Marvel’s The Offenders, in which they must work together with M.O.D.O.K., Hit Monkey, and Howard the Duck “to save the world and certain parts of the Universe.”

Stay tuned as we learn more about Marvel’s Tigra & Dazzler Show.

Marvel’s Tigra & Dazzler Show will be available on Hulu.

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