The 15 Must-Have Pet Items

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Whether you go into pet companionship expecting to fall head over heels in love or you have a more detached approach, you are sure to find yourself head over heels in love with your fur baby sooner rather than later. If you’ve been through this before—how would you have ended up here otherwise?—you know that there is no greater joy than giving your pets treats and some luxury creature comforts. There’s no bigger fulfillment than walking through the pet store and seeing a neccesary dog sweater or cat scratcher, picking it up and bringing it home to your unwitting fur baby.

Bouncing all over the place, carrying their new stuffed toy from room to room, rolling around, cuddling or tail wagging, however your pet says thank you, seeing them enjoy a token of your love is all the motivation in the world to keep doing it until your pet is exactly the kind of brat you swore you’d never raise—spoiled rotten.

Keep it up. They deserve it. These are the 15 must have pet items so far this year.

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