Smart Home Devices That Are Crushing on Black Friday

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With hundreds of smart home devices (and holiday deals!) out there, shopping for something that will fit your specific needs at this time of the year can be overwhelming. And that’s where we, and some trusty Amazon reviewers, come in.

You know how the saying goes, “If a product is doing amazing on Amazon, you must buy it.” OK, that saying definitely does not exist, but if items have thousands of positive reviews and have made the e-commerce site’s Best Sellers list, it’s likely the product will be just what you’re looking for.

Think it’s time to splurge on a robot vacuum, HD smart TV, video doorbell, or all three? Have your eyes on a thermostat that’ll automatically adjust and save you some cash? Know you need an Amazon Echo device but aren’t sure which one to get your hands on? Ahead see the best of the best smart home must-haves.

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