The Best Shirts Online Are Also the Most Comfortable

Mizzen + Main takes the discomfort out of dressing to impress without compromise.  

Mizzen & Main

Dress shirts can cost so much more than you think. Not just in retail price, but when it comes to laundering, comfort and general ease of wear, the trade-off with traditional dress shirts is that you look the part, but you may never quite feel it. Mizzen+Main has arrived on the scene to disrupt your discomfort with a new kind of dress shirt.

Made from performance fabric—never cotton—Mizzen+Main shirts are designed to breathe, wick away sweat, stretch with the natural movements of your body and unlike many shirts of similiar value, Mizzen+Main shirts are made to hold up through many machine washes and never need to be ironed. Sounds pretty great, huh? If you’re anything like me, it sounds great and you’re ready to buy 4 until you ask yourself, “if this isn’t a cotton shirt, what is it?”

To that I answer, it’s a unique performance fabric — think your most comfortable gym shirt, but with the look and structure of a dress shirt. The only difference between this shirt and the old cotton one you might be wearing right now is that it’s comfortable, ridiculously easy to take care of, and holds up all day.

But I know you have to see it to believe it. All shirt companies say they make the best shirts, Mizzen+Main set out to prove it. A company born from watching sweaty men walk to work on Capitol Hill, they know that cotton is not up for the job of keeping busy men looking their best in all environments so your rivals never have to see you sweat.

Meet their number 1 best seller: the all-white Manhattan. It’s a classic, looks like the best of dress shirts from a Black Tie event, but with jeans can be dressed down to a more approachable ensemble. If white isn’t your cup of tea, the Manhattan comes in 31 other classic, yet exciting colorways.

Ordering online can seem like a gamble in the dark, but with free shipping over $100,—that’s the purchase of one shirt—an on-site size guide, and 3 fit preferences including trim, trim tall and standard, you have all the tools available to make the right choice for you.

If the Manhattan isn’t for you, welcome the Stockton style to the fold. Similar to the Manhattan, the Stockton shirt’s best selling colorway is the easy-to-match white, but has some unique updates like an elongated collar point, addition of a placket for ease of removal, fancier buttons and convertible cuffs, if you prefer cuff links to buttons. And like the Manhattan if white just isn’t your style, you have 8 other timeless options to choose from to showcase your personality the best.

All shirts are machine wash, hang to dry so you can kiss that dry cleaner bill goodbye without sacrificing dry-clean-only quality. Mizzen+Main knows you’re busy and don’t always have time to update your wardrobe, so every shirt is made to last. With four-way stretch in every style, you can throw your hands in the air without worry of flashing your happy trail to the whole board room. With stretch as a top priority, gain or lose weight without losing your favorite shirt, meaning at $125, every shirt is made to get you the most value. If you wear a Mizzen+Main shirt just 5 times, you’ve already gotten a value of $25/wear, which is cheaper than even the cheapest of men’s fast fashion. Wear it more than that and the shirt has paid for itself.

And I said it once, but I’ll say it twice, your Mizzen+Main shirts never have to be ironed, so not only will you not have to buy that iron everyone has been hassling you about, you also won’t have to waste time at the dry cleaners.

Not a flannel guy? These cold months hit all our bones the same and you might as well look dashing in a crisp charcoal heathered pullover just like the North, another best seller.

But I’d be remiss if I only mentioned Mizzen+Main dress shirts. For the casual guy or the casual day, opt for the Fairview flannel style button up, also available in the brand’s perfectly tailored trim, trim tall and standard fits, and 4 good looking patterns.

And that’s just what’s selling the best. Mizzen+Main isn’t just a dress shirt company. They’re not just a flannel company. They’re not just in the market of sweaters. They are in the market of men who need to look their best and feel their best no matter the situation. And they do it better than anyone else. Don one of their many shirts and you too could be doing it better than anyone else.

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