10 Incredible Watches You Won't Have to Overpay For

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When it comes to shopping for a watch, some people want a product that will simply tell them the time without all the bells and whistles. Others are looking for a fashion statement. Or an item that will act as a cell phone and send texts. And then there are the people who are in search of the holy grail of watches that will do all of these things and more, like track exercise, take photos, and function as a GPS. Regardless of which group you fit into, one thing’s for sure: You don’t have to dish out hundreds or thousands of dollars to find what you’re looking for.

From a $34 (!) Apple Watch lookalike to a chic timepiece beloved by celebrities and influencers alike, we’ve rounded up 10 quality watches that will check off all of your boxes. It also just so happens that many of these products retail for less than $300. Innovative capabilities and intricate details for a reasonable price? You won’t be able to pass up these deals. But, hey, at least we warned you.

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