The Best Sunglasses for Every Price Range

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Unsplash / Puneeth Shetty

I once had a professor in college who said the best way not to lose things is to buy an expensive version of them. Pens, umbrellas, sunglasses, and so on. We’re ostensibly more inclined to keep track of and protect our items if they hold a high value.

Time and time again, I have proven this theory to be utter bunk. Know how many pairs of Ray-Bans I’ve left in dive bars? Two. Know how many pairs I’ve left in the Kips Bay AMC movie theater? One. That is too many and even if I deserve to have lost them for being an idiotI sometimes wonder if I should just buy a cheap pair of sunglasses and leave them wherever I please within two weeks of owning them.

But then again, high-end sunglasses are high-end for a reason. They’re built better, the lenses are uniformly clearer (though not always polarized), and they can last forever if you treat them right (always a toss-up; sunglasses are astoundingly easy to sit on accidentally). We took a look for the best sunglasses to suit every price range.

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