Tesla Model 3 Performance Fans Just Got Big News From Elon Musk

Elon Musk has been hyping Tesla Model 3 across the internet. On May 21, the Tesla CEO revealed a host of new additions and upgrades that would be coming to his flagship electric car. This included an All-Wheel-Drive Model 3 Performance (AWD P) edition, which Musk now says he will prioritize over the dual-motor AWD version of the Model 3.

On Monday, one of Musk’s Twitter followers asked if Tesla would only be manufacturing the performance vehicle in July. The CEO responded by saying Tesla will begin with AWD P and then move to the dual-motor model. He said rolling them out in this order would keep the automobile company from incurring negative margins since the AWD P is more expensive than the standard model.

Tesla’s path to profitability has been called into question recently, yet Musk is hanging on to the notion that his electric car company will be “cash flow positive” in the third and fourth quarter of 2018. This came days before Tesla’s Fremont Factory shut down production of the Model 3 due to automation issues. Since then the factory’s machinery has been upgraded in an attempt to enable faster rates of production and improve quality.

This latest move of prioritizing AWD P Model 3s could serve as a jumping point for the company to make it into the green. Here’s a look at how these two electric cars will vary in specs and price:


Tesla Model 3 Dual Motor All-Wheel-Drive

  • 0 to 60 pm acceleration in 4.5 seconds
  • Top speed: 140 mph
  • Range: 310 miles
  • Price: Roughly $40,000 to upgrade a standard rear-wheel drive Model 3 to AWD.

Tesla Model 3 Performance Dual Motor All-Wheel-Drive

  • 0 to 60 pm acceleration in 3.5 seconds
  • Top speed: 155 mph
  • Range: 310 miles
  • Price: $78,000 (includes autopilot)