A Fan Tried to "Thorsplain" the First Thor Movie to the Guy Who Wrote It


Thor: Ragnarok has somewhat improbably become Marvel’s best-reviewed movie — and it’s only somewhat improbable because the first two Thor films generally rank towards the bottom of everyone’s list. Thor: The Dark World, is pretty bad, but the God of Thunder’s debut has its merits, and one Marvel fan was a little too eager to defend Thor, unwittingly going toe-to-toe with the movie’s writer.

On Sunday, Zack Stentz, the co-writer of the 2011 Thor movie, tweeted out glowing praise for Taika Waititi’s take on the character in Ragnarok.

“Weirdly, [Thor: Ragnarok](https://www.inverse.com/article/37726-thor-ragnarok-review-avengers-hulk-marvel) reminded me a bit of Lego Batman in how it showed you can make a hero goofy without making him/her incompetent,” Stentz wrote of the film’s overtly comedic tone.

That’s when one Twitter user who didn’t know why Stentz was felt prompted to defend the God of Thunder’s honor.

“You do realize the first Thor movie was more than just him taking his shirt off?” a user with the display name Will wrote.

“So when a dude explains the first Thor movie to the person who co-wrote it, is that called Thorsplaining?” Stentz replied in a tweet quoting Will’s comment.

There were no hard feelings, though. Will explained that he “really couldn’t care less,” adding that his reply to the actual writer of the film was a “happy accident from my perspective.”

“I really did appreciate that you were defending the first film,” Stentz said.

The first Thor movie holds up pretty well, actually. If you can try to go back to a time before Guardians of the Galaxy, before Doctor Strange, and even before [The Avengers](/topic/avengers), you’ll remember how much more grounded the MCU was than it is today. Thor was responsible for bringing ~magic~ into the cinematic universe without making it seem too “out-there” compared to the previous films. On that front, the movie did a pretty good job. And, while Chris Hemsworth did look pretty good in his shirtless scene, Thor did a lot more than just show off those pecs.

The co-writer just knew that already, is all.