Anakin and Ahsoka to Reunite or Fight in New 'Star Wars' Project

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After a battle on Malachor with her former master, Darth Vader, Ahsoka’s fate was left up in the air. She wandered into the ruins of the ancient city while Vader wheezed his way into the sunset. But actors Matt Lanter and Ashley Eckstein, who voice Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano, respectively, in the Star Wars canon cartoons, were recording together recently, sparking rumors that the two characters will reunite in an upcoming project.

Eckstein posted to Twitter on Monday, saying, “How can your Monday be UGH when you get to record with Matt Lanter in your Matt Lanter shirt???” and including a photo of herself and Lanter in the studio.

Vader and Ahsoka fought in an epic showdown during the Season 2 finale of Star Wars Rebels, and though Anakin was in full Vader mode — James Earl Jones voiceover included — Vader’s mask was damaged toward the end of their duel, revealing one of Anakin’s gold-tinged eyes and Lanter’s voice.

As for what project the two are working on, it’s a mystery. There’s no confirmation of Anakin or, technically, Ahsoka returning to Rebels (though series executive producer Dave Filoni has hinted at the Togruta Jedi’s return). What’s more likely is a turn on Star Wars: Forces of Destiny, an upcoming canon series of short projects from Lucasfilm Animation, for Anakin and Ahsoka. Fans could assume that any story involving the infamous Chosen One and his padawan learner would be a flashback of sorts to the Clone Wars era, perhaps delving into more details about their times together before Anakin fell to the Dark side.

For now, though, fans will have to wait to see how, exactly, Anakin and Ahsoka will reunite onscreen; will they be friends or enemies?

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