An Amateur Cosplayer's Guide for the 'Rogue One' Premiere

A new 'Star Wars' movie is the perfect excuse to stretch those cosplay muscles.

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The Rebel Alliance’s biggest move will be set into motion on December 16 when Rogue One premieres in theaters. The first Star Wars anthology film stars a new gang of lovable, gung-ho rebels from trouble child Jyn Erso (Felicity Jones) to warrior monk Chirrut Îmwe (Donnie Yen). Each of them has their own iconic, individualistic look, and a new Star Wars film is the perfect occasion to stretch your cosplay muscles.

Below is a list of brief explainers on how to cosplay the main characters from the upcoming Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Some are a little more advanced than others, mainly because a couple of the characters wear armor specific to the Star Wars universe, and because the premiere is less than a week away. It’s so close!

So grab some sturdy boots and pick your favorite character pre-screening to show off to the world as you wait in line on the evening of December 15. May the force be with you all.


Jyn Erso

Rogue One trailers make Jyn’s costume changes appear rampant, but her main outfit looks to be comprised of a pale, blue-gray henley-esque shirt, a dark brown pocketed vest, cargo pants, and a scarf to wrap around your neck and to help hide your face from enemy stormtroopers.


Cassian Andor

Cassian’s big, fluffy hooded coat is perfect for a December premiere. Underneath that beautiful coat is a brown canvas jacket, a khaki shirt, matching pants, and a heart of gold. Stubble, a well-groomed mustache, and perfectly coifed hair aren’t necessarily deal breakers, but they certainly help the rebel cause.


Saw Gerrera

Saw is the big bad granddad of the Rebel group, often referred to by his fellow rebel members as more of a terrorist than a Rebel. His character is probably the hardest of the group to copy, mainly because his armor is so out of this galaxy. But putting together a bunch of sparring gear and shoulder pads is going to be a lot easier (and cheaper) than forging his complicated armor from scratch. The aged gray in his hair and the mentality to “save the dream” is a must.


Baze Malbus

As the hard-boiled freelance assassin of the Rogue One gang, Baze Malbus has to be armored at all times. So start with a khaki jumpsuit that you’ll probably have to rub some oil and dirt on to get that war-torn look, add an amped-up red breast and shoulder plate, and a supply belt, and you’re ready to handle Baze’s signature heavy repeater cannon. Okay, not really. Please don’t get a real cannon. But you get the point. Oh, and your hair needs just the right amount of gray in it to look dignified.

Chirrut Îmwe

Embracing your inner warrior monk is relatively simple. Get yourself an appropriate robe and sew some dark red and blue cloth in angled lines along the sides and bottom. Make some belts and straps from canvas, or buy one. Combine unshakeable belief with a staff, and you’re ready to go help save the galaxy.


Bodhi Rook

If you’re looking to be the gang’s young, hot-headed pilot, grab your science lab goggles from high school, tie your hair back, and look perpetually freaked out. The high-collared canvas jacket is a must, as is the vest-looking harness thing that he always wears. One of the closest things to it in our world is a fly fishing vest, so make of that what you will.

Orson Krennic

The steely blue gaze of Commander Orson Krennic, Director of the Advanced Weapons Research division of the Imperial Military, might look tough to copy at first. But let’s be honest, all you really need to pull off this look is a contemplative scowl, a swooshy white cape, and black leather gloves. Run some fake gray through your hair if you need it and make yourself an Imperial rank plaque (but, honestly, you could just make one out of Legos if you don’t want to spend money).


Paint some tinfoil black and wrap your entire body in it. Just expect to get some dirty looks from your fellow moviegoers as they realize they’ll have to share a theater with your crinkly ass.

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