The Cost of Building the Death Star Would Bankrupt Earth


Unfortunately for any megalomaniacs with planet-destroying aspirations, building the Death Star is financially impossible — on Earth at least. The Empire and First Order in the Star Wars universe must have resources we don’t, because the party-planning mathematicians at Twizzle crunched the numbers, and the total cost of the Empire’s deadliest superweapon would bankrupt Earth many, many times over.

Simply put, the Death Star isn’t a good investment. In all, the total cost of building a moon-sized superweapon would be $22,452,000,000,000,000,000. And that’s just the complete framework of the thing. That amount doesn’t even include weapons to make planets go boom, tractor beams to pull in strange ships that blasted their way out of Mos Eisley, or communications equipment to get to the bottom of who brought a Wookiee to the detention level.

The extra costs take into consideration the size of the deadly space station itself, how much would be needed for construction materials like a whole lot of steel, and dont forget the cost of sending all those materials out into space above a planet, like, say, Scarif. The steel costs alone would apparently equal something like thirteen-times the entire GDP of all the countries on Earth.

That's a whole lot of Imperial credits.Twizzle

Needless to say, a Death Star would be expensive. Granted, the Empire probably offsets some of those costs by using the Star Wars universe’s advanced technology, but it’s still a ludicrous amount of resources.

So remember, when Jyn Erso and her band of Rebels steal the plans to the Death Star in Rogue One, they cost the Empire over $22 quintillion in cash. No word on the conversion rates of USD to Imperial credits, let along the Wupiupi or the druggat.