Lexus’ new hoverboard, SLIDE, which actually hovers and doesn’t blow up, got a ton of press when it hit YouTube. It looked like a prank, but it wasn’t. The catch was more complicated: SLIDE uses magnetics to create levitation so it relies on magnetic rails embedded in the ground. Still, everyone pretty much agreed that it was dope.

No wonder I was determined to try the thing out at CES. I made a beeline for it first thing Wednesday morning when the show floor finally opened. Walking towards a hoverboard with the intent to ride it, I’m happy to report, feels fucking fantastic. Being told you can’t ride it, well, that sucks.

Purple. Cool.

As you can see, Lexus kept the hoverboard encased in glass the whole time. The only ‘demonstration’ they had going was a series of videos playing on touchscreens surrounding the display. Those videos were basically just recut versions of what the company has already been posting online in the least several months.

Granted, seeing that the hoverboard is a real thing actually was pretty neat. Lexus went with a stylish blend of wood and metal that gives SLIDE a retrofuture feel. And if what the videos show is the real deal, the hoverboard allows the user to whiz around in a smooth glide — even if it has to be on a specific track.

Alas, as we mentioned in June, the whole thing seems to be just a PR stunt to allow Lexus to somewhat shed its current reputation as a luxury car specialist. If consumers ever do get their hands on it, it won’t be many years from now. Perhaps this technology could be applied to future projects that are bit more feasible and cost-effective to build and sell. Maybe the company will even let people try it out at a future CES.

Still, I’ll always remember the feeling of walking towards that booth. Thinking you’re going to ride a hoverboard is great. It’s probably better than riding one, but I wouldn’t know.

Photos via Neel V. Patel, Lexus

The Apple Car is still on track, and it’s going to launch soon. That’s according to TF International Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who published a Tuesday report detailing the firm’s upcoming hardware roadmap that will double its $1 trillion market cap to reach all-new levels.

The report, shared by MacRumors, claims that the Apple Car will launch somewhere around 2023 and 2025 as the “next star product.” While previous reports around the company’s secretive project suggest Apple would instead develop an autonomous driving technology for use with other vehicles, Kuo claims that Apple will release its own branded car for four reasons: the automotive sector is being redefined by technology in the same way as the smartphone industry 10 years ago, Apple can differentiate with augmented reality and other technologies, car financing would help Apple’s services sector grow, and the company could do a better job of integrating hardware and software than existing automakers.

Currently, each HomePod unit has one true master. Users have to tie the speaker to an Apple ID and from then onward whoever interacts with it will be recognized as that one specific person. But a recent Apple’s filing suggests that the signature voice assistant might soon learn how to tell exactly who is speaking to it.

If we’re going to have any hope of reversing the troubling trend of years that get steadily hotter on average, we’re probably going to have to find something to do with all the carbon dioxide we’ve leaked into the atmosphere over the course of several generations of unabashed fossil fuel consumption.

Elon Musk praised the work of the OpenAI team on Monday, after a set of artificial intelligence bots beat a semi-professional team at the Dota 2 video game in a San Francisco showdown Sunday. Musk, who co-founded the research firm, marked the victory by reiterating the need for a brain-computer interface that would enable man and super-smart machine to coexist peacefully.

The Super Bowl for Apple fans has almost arrived and this year could bring some major changes to the Cupertino-based company’s signature iPhone. While the exact date for 2018’s anticipated iPhone keynote has yet to be revealed, Apple has habitually hosted a yearly launch of new handsets in September since 2012. The 2017 iPhone announcement fell on September 12.