Though I’m not sure I understand the economics of Ballers at all (Why does Spencer bail Vernon out again, without a solid agreement in place between them?), a few of Baller’s season-long plotlines are racing toward pay off. Bella finds out about the clubhouse from Melissa, and Ricky finds the road to saving their relationship is a long one. Charles, who just kind of remembers that he wants to get back on the field, paces a high school sideline and ponders that eternal question: “Do you love the NFL, or do you just hate being alone?” Jason, who is first introduced in this episode driving a sweet sports car in one of the most overtly Entourage sequences yet, is putting out a different fire: His mom is banging a younger dude.

‘Ends’ is a build episode, but it’s an entertaining one. Spencer and Joe sit down with Maximo to hammer out a deal, but he demands that Spencer sits down with his client, Angela, before they shake hands. Though we don’t know much about Angela — she might be Spencer’s ex — Spencer becomes furious and storms out. (Later, he’ll tell Vernon that he’ll cover the $150k himself in order to keep his business.) Ricky is doing all the right things, more or less, but he’s facing the consequences more; he’s working hard to make a dent with the Dolphins, but he’s having trouble with the playbook. In a bizarre and thrilling scene, Spencer gets into it with eccentric Heat center Chris “Birdman” Andersen.

It’s a great show.

This show has a way of keeping its universe ridiculous. This episode came in the form of repeated references to Tae-Bo, a phrase I haven’t heard in ten years. I wrote down the phrase “circumstantial brunch” in my notebook, but I’m not sure what that refers to; there’s a lot of fucking brunches in this show where characters hash stuff out. The challenges for the characters — Charles and the NFL, Spencer and his CAT scan results, Ricky and his relationships with Bella and his teammates — are starting to snowball. From here on out, it’s up to these sports buddies to keep Miami from cooling down.

In case you haven’t been paying attention, weighted blankets are everywhere this year. They’re the hyper-popular gift for anyone, including yourself, that promote better sleep and relaxation.

The idea behind a weighted blanket is this: A blanket with extra heft creates a “hugging” effect, releasing the hormone oxytocin, itself increasing serotonin and melatonin levels. Our favorite weighted blanket, the Serenity Blanket, is on sale at the inverse store now.

We know that making home improvements can feel like a waste of money, especially if nothing is inherently wrong with your home. But your home has a huge effect on how you feel, and making sure your home feels like a happy, comfortable place is incredibly important. Additionally, you don’t necessarily have to spend thousands of dollars in order to upgrade your home. Sure, new furniture looks great and will certainly do the trick, but there are a number of much smaller, less expensive additions you make to your home to elevate it.

Listening to music is one of the most common ways to make a run feel more enjoyable. What you may not know, though, is that making a run more fun isn’t the only benefit you get from turning on the tunes. Music is able to put you in the right state of mind by elevating your levels of excitement and happiness. In other words, it pumps you up. Additionally, it can also drown out distractions, help you recover from a hard workout, and make your workout seem easier.

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Every morning, people sleepily drag themselves out of bed, wandering through a brain fog that seems to take forever to dissipate. Early risers will deny it exists, but evidence in a new paper in the journal NeuroImage suggests otherwise. The University of California, Berkeley team behind the study also reveal the one way to get through it.