Logan’s breakout star, the actress who played Wolverine’s daughter, is going to star in a new adaptation of Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials fantasy book series.

Deadline announced Thursday that actress Dafne Keen signed on to the project with The King’s Speech director Tom Hooper at the helm. The eight-part series will be produced by Bad Wolf and New Line Cinema and filming will start in Wales sometime during 2018.

His Dark Materials is a sweeping inter-dimensional fantasy story that includes a magical knife that can cut into alternate realities, armored polar bears, witches, and lots of talking animals. Its lead character is Lyra Belacqua — played by Keen — a young girl raised at Oxford that goes looking for her missing friend in The Golden Compass (Northern Lights in England) and uses the titular magical artifact to divine all sorts of secrets in the world. Per the production company’s website, Lyra “lives in a parallel universe in which science, theology and magic are entwined.”

Yes, this is a truly bonkers story that goes to all sorts of weird places in its multiverse.

Dakota Blue Richards played Lyra Belacqua in a widely panned film adaptation of 'The Golden Compass' (2007).

Despite being written for a younger audience, the series grapples with heady concepts of philosophy, physics, and even theology. It explores the nature of death and God all while children have cute physical manifestations of their souls that assume the form of talking animals. And they shapeshift until the children come of age and become one animal permanently.

A film adaptation starring Daniel Craig and Nicole Kidman in 2007 was widely panned for being a bit too campy and childish for its own good, but with a more serious cast and crew on board for this new adaptation, fans of Pullman’s work have every right to get excited.

Furthermore, Hamilton hot-shot Lin-Manuel Miranda will play the cowboy balloonist-adventurer Lee Scoresby, who’s fun-loving joyous persona more accurately captures the spirit of the character rather than Sam Elliott’s portrayal in the 2007 movie.

This production was originally announced way back in 2015, but without any news in so long, most of us assumed it had been scrapped.

But with all these recent casting additions, our dreams might actually become a reality.

The Bad Wolf production company calls this new series His Dark Materials, but the title has yet to be confirmed. No release date has been announced.

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A girl has a name in gen:LOCK — and her name is Cammie MacCloud.

Actress Maisie Williams, best known for her role as Arya Stark on the HBO fantasy series Game of Thrones, has joined the cast of Rooster Teeth’s gen:LOCK, a new sci-fi animated series also starring Michael B. Jordan, David Tennant, and Dakota Fanning. The series is set to premiere in 2019.

Scruffy nerf herders, rejoice! Jonathan Kasdan, co-screenwriter of Solo: A Star Wars Story, has revealed a whopping 53 cool factoids that reveal new insight into the making of the film, as well as very subtle Easter eggs even hardcore Star Wars fans might miss.

On Friday, Kasdan commemorated the Digital HD release of Solo and its imminent arrival on Blu-ray on September 25 with 53 random facts about the film on Twitter. They include everything from personal anecdotes to hidden Bruce Springsteen homages, to even admitting Thandie Newton was “too good” to play the fated smuggler Val.

The monumental Game of Thrones conclusion is starting to feel like something closer to reality now that some legitimate footage from Season 8 is out there, and it teases a much-needed reunion between two Starks at Winterfell. Jon Snow embraces Sansa after returning to Winterfell with Daenerys Targaryen, but Arya must be standing there for the next hug.

For fans of Avatar: The Last Airbender, the words “live action” may trigger instant feelings of dread (what with M. Night Shyamalan’s terrible live-action movie). But a new series from Netflix might actually be good, at least based on the little information we have so far.

Netflix announced the initial news with a tweet from its “See What’s Next” account, revealing simply that the show exists and sharing some beautiful concept art.