The upcoming action comedy from the Workaholics crew is totally upfront about how much the movie rips off Die Hard, and it only makes the whole thing that much more fun.

Netflix released another trailer for Game Over, Man! on Thursday, and it’s Die Hard AF. The first trailer accurately called the film “Die Hard meets Workaholics meets… Shaggy.” (Shaggy because the hip-hop icon plays himself in the movie.) This new trailer really kicks things up a notch in a glorious homage to 1980s action-comedies.

Rather than an NYPD detective a la John McClane, the Workaholics trio of Adam Devine, Anders Holm, and Blake Anderson play hotel maids with aspirations of creating a video game. When Neal McDonough shows up as a gun-toting villain to hijack their celebrity benefactor’s party, it’s up to these three maids to step up and save the day with the hotel on lockdown.

These nerds will bumble their way through fighting henchman, acting like delightful idiots the whole time.

The 'Workaholics' crew unites for a new kind of pot-fueled comedy.

Game Over, Man! is obviously a Die Hard rip-off that leans heavily on the comedy. Even though it doesn’t stand a chance at beating the original Die Hard in terms of quality, it’ll probably be better than most of the sequels — or at the very least more enjoyable to watch.

This trailer’s best joke comes right at the end when actor Sam Richardson shows up as the villainous tech guy to say, “You didn’t bring me along because I look like the black nerd from Die Hard!”

The thing is, he totally looks like the black nerd from Die Hard. That’s the fun-loving humor we’re dealing with.

This being the Workaholics guys, also expect lots of pot-smoking and dick jokes, which you can see in the trailer.

They look worried because they should be very, very worried.

If Game Over, Man! also reminds you of the Hulu series Future Man, that’s with good reason. Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg are producers on both, and their production company Point Grey Pictures is also attached. A specific kind of self-aware humor pervades both with tons of deep-cut references to classic movies and shows. Game Over, Man! pays homage to classic 1980s action hits like Die Hard whereas Future Man obsessed over The Terminator and Back to the Future.

Even the title “Game Over, Man!” is an obvious reference to Bill Paxton’s iconic freakout line from Aliens.

Game Over, Man! will be released on Netflix March 23, 2018.

Check out the previous trailer for the movie right here:

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