The tagline for the original Superman movie was “you’ll believe a man can fly,” and while superhero fans may have bought that, it seems they still have trouble believing the Incredible Hulk’s pants wouldn’t just get torn to shreds when Bruce Banner transforms. “Why isn’t the Hulk naked?” is an age-old Marvel question, but Kevin Smith has an answer.

On Wednesday morning, the director, who is recovering from a massive heart attack, responded to a concerned Marvel fan’s question. “Why is it when Bruce Banner becomes the Hulk, his pants don’t totally split apart?” Twitter user @andeew711 asked, tagging Marvel, Stan Lee, Mark Ruffalo, and Kevin Smith in her tweet. “Did I miss this answer somewhere in my life?”

In his response, Smith noted that the Fantastic Four had special costumes that adapted with their bodies, and suggested that maybe Bruce asked for a special pair of trousers to spare everyone the sight of the Hulk’s giant green penis.

“In Marvel Comics, Reed Richards invented a material made from Unstable Molecules, which allows his outfit to stretch, Torch’s to burn, Sue’s to go invisible. Maybe Bruce’s clothes too?” Smith suggested, before dropping a nerdy little Mallrats factoid. “Trivia: Unstable Molecules was also the production company name under which we made Mallrats.”

Now, this isn’t a perfect answer. If the technology exists, why wouldn’t Bruce Banner ask for a full set of rip-proof clothes instead of just burning through a shirt every time he transforms? The Fantastic Four explanation also only applies to the comics since the Fantastic Four aren’t part of the MCU — at least not yet. Some supplementary Marvel information reveals that Tony Stark made Bruce some special stretchy pants, as seen in Avengers: Age of Ultron, but we still have a shirt problem.

The real reason why the Hulk’s pants don’t tear off is because Disney isn’t about to make a superhero movie with technicolor, full-frontal male nudity. That’s more Watchmen’s style.

Photos via Marvel/AMC

Fortnite: Battle Royale Season 5 is just around the corner. It might feel like Season 5 just began, but as summer winds down you can expect to see some major changes in the popular game. So when exactly will these changes occur? And what will they be?

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By now, we all know Thor should’ve aimed for the head at the end of in Avengers: Infinity War, even though Star-Lord shoulders a lot of the blame for Thanos wiping out half the universe due to his meltdown on Titan. But if you believe Doctor Strange’s talk about one successful outcome and his alleged “endgame,” then maybe Star-Lord’s freakout was actually an essential part of the plan. At the very least, the alternative could’ve been so much worse.

What’s going on at the House of Ideas? Months after Marvel announced The Vision from writer Chelsea Cain at San Diego Comic-Con, the publisher has canceled the highly-anticipated series before even the usual retail pre-order period for the first issue took place.

On Thursday, novelist and writer of the awesome Marvel series Mockingbird confirmed a Newsarama report on Twitter regarding the early cancellation of hers and co-writer Marc Mohan’s new comic, The Vision, a limited series sequel to Tom King’s The Vision from 2016.

With all of New York’s criminal underworld webbed up in Marvel’s Spider-Man, gamers may be curious when it’s time for another swing. DLC will be released for the game very soon, but some are already curious if a sequel is in the cards. Nothing is confirmed, but if it does happen, Insomniac teases even more of Spider-Man’s universe will be explored.

By now everybody knows that Captain Marvel takes place at some point during the ‘90s, but one compelling new fan theory posits that the exact timing of her story in the MCU timeline was actually teased during a throwaway line in Captain America: Civil War.

On Thursday, redditor Captaindeadpool172 posted a new Captain Marvel fan theory on the /r/FanTheories subreddit, writing about a throwaway line from Captain America: Civil War, when Tony Stark recruits Peter Parker’s Spider-Man. Stark projects YouTube videos of Spider-Man stopping a moving vehicle into the room. Peter makes excuses, saying, “You know that’s all fake? It’s all done on the computer. It’s like that video —“ That’s when Tony says, “Yeah, yeah, yeah. Oh, you mean like those UFOs over Phoenix?” We easily gloss right over the comment, especially when Tony finds Peter’s Spider-Man suit a half-second later.