Everyone assumes Han Solo won the Millennium Falcon from Lando Calrissian in a card game of called sabacc, but the novelization of The Last Jedi presupposes, maybe he didn’t? With one line, author Jason Fry has changed the way Han Solo won the Millennium Falcon. And that means, at least one scene in Solo: A Star Wars Story will happen differently than the way Star Wars fans have assumed.

Spoilers head for the novelization, The Last Jedi: Expanded Edition.

On Tuesday, the novelization of Star Wars: The Last Jedi was published by Del Rey Books. And one change no one saw coming will retroactive effect the events of Solo. Han didn’t win the Falcon in a card game. He won it throwing dice. Which means those infamous hanging dice Luke used to fake-out Kylo Ren in The Last Jedi now have an added significance. They were the luckiest dice in Han’s life because they are the ones he used when he beat Lando in some kind of game.

In the book, this revelation happens when Leia is reflecting on Kylo Ren’s childhood and youth. From page 82:

Ben as a toddler, forever following Han. Carrying the dice from the Millennium Falcon — the ones his father had used to win the beloved, battered freighter — and promising anyone who’d listen that one day he would be a pilot, too, like his daddy.

Kylo Ren holding the dice in 'The Last Jedi'

And there you have it. In old Star Wars Legends canon, Han and Lando always played the card game sabaac for the Falcon. But now, we know that will be different. And because Solo: A Star Wars Story will have to depict Han winning the Falcon, we’ll all be seeing these dice again very, very soon.

The Last Jedi: Expanded Edition is out now from bookseller everywhere in hardcover and e-book formats.

Photos via Lucasfilm

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