When Bucky Barnes emerged in the final Black Panther’s post-credit scene, Marvel fans were excited to see the returning character looking healthier, having made a lot of progress in his recovery from his time as the brainwashed Winter Soldier. That scene almost looked very different by moving forward Bucky’s healing process even further, one of the film’s producer’s revealed.

Black Panther Executive Producer Nate Moore said they were considering showing the Captain America mainstay character completely whole again in an interview, according to Empire. In this unused version of the scene, Bucky sported a new prosthetic arm, presumably made out of Wakandan vibranium. “We do have this little film called Avengers: Infinity War coming up,” Moore joked. “We wanted to have Bucky back and up and around, because he will have a role to play in that film.”

In the Black Panther scene as it appears in the movie, Bucky steps outside a hut in rural Wakanda to meet with Shuri, having been taken to the country by his buddy Steve Rogers. He seems better than when he was last seen in Captain America: Civil War, but he is missing the metal arm he had in his past appearances.

Even though Bucky isn’t rocking a new left arm in Black Panther, we do know that the arm will be replaced in or before Avengers: Infinity War, as trailers for the movie revealed a fully armed Bucky battling alongside fellow heroes. But, why didn’t he have it in Black Panther?

Bucky Barnes goes on ice at the end of 'Civil War.'

Without an arm, something that makes him a fighter again, Bucky gets a chance to just be himself for a moment. He’s been brainwashed, forgotten his past, lost his friends, framed for an act of terrorism and pursued by powerful men. Moore explained that the armless version of the scene gave a sense of peace. “He could just be Bucky and that’s why I think it was important for him as a character to go, ‘not Sergeant Barnes, my name’s Bucky. I am a person, I am no longer a soldier,” Moore said.

Bucky should enjoy this moment of peace under the African sun. Looks like things are going to get rowdy in a few months once Thanos comes to visit.

'Avengers: Infinity War'

Avengers: Infinity War premieres on April 27, 2018.

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