For true Pokémon Masters, 364 days of the year are meaningless drivel. But, that’s not the case on February 27. That’s right, fellow trainers: Pokémon Day is upon us once again.

The reason why people around the world set aside their differences to celebrate Pokémon Day on February 27 is because this is the anniversary of the very first Pokémon games’ release in Japan back in 1996. Pikachu is 22 years old, meaning he’ll be able to rent a car in just a few years.

Here are the events you can look forward to for the 2018 celebration. If you think Nintendo’s offerings are somewhat underwhelming, that just means you don’t really have the heart of a Pokémon Master, and you’ll never be able to defeat the Elite Four. Sorry.

You Can Watch the Movie Where Pikachu Speaks English!

In November, everyone freaked out when a clip of the newest Pokémon movie, Pokémon: I Choose You!, started making the rounds on the internet. The clip — spoiler alert — was of the film’s climax, where protagonist Ash Ketchum (briefly) dies defending Pikachu, and during Ash’s time in the land between life and death, Pikachu talks: “It’s because … It’s because I always want to be with you,” Pikachu says in a really high, childish voice.

If you want to see this “what the fuck” moment in its full context, you can stream all of Pokémon: I Choose You! on iOS, Android, and, for the first time, on Pokémon TV. The film will be there for a week.

You Can Make Pikachu Talk on Your Amazon Alexa or Google Home!

Thankfully, Pikachu is just saying his name rather than the Queen’s English, but there’s now an app you can get for your Alexa or Google Home device that will allow it to respond with Pikachu’s signature phrases like “pika?”, “pika pika!”, and “pikaaaaa.” The app was already out in Japan, but it’s now available in the United States because, in case you forgot, it’s Pokémon Day.

Pokémon GO Has Another Pikachu With a Hat That You Can Catch!

Pokémon GO is in the midst of adding a bunch of new, Generation III Pokémon, but for Pokémon Day they’re adding another Pikachu with a party hat, only this time it’s purple. The special Pikachu knows the move Present, and players will get three times as much Stardust as usual if they catch it. The special Pikachu will vanish on February 28 at 4 p.m. Eastern, so act fast.

I picked Bulbasaur as my starter when I played 'Pokémon Red' when I was, like, 7 years old. Now look at me.

Snapchat Lenses!

Snapchat is adding some lenses featuring the original three starting Pokémon from Red and Blue. Right now, you can only get Bulbasaur, but Charmander and Squirtle are coming later.

Some Other Stuff!

Pokémon Center is offering some new “premium display-ready figures,” which is the type of specialized collectible which you probably already knew about if you’re into this kind of thing. The new, large figure is Charizard, described as the “first-ever Pokémon Gallery Figure DX, with the iconic Fire-type Pokémon unleashing its signature Blast Burn move in a dynamic pose.”

Also, you can order some pins with Legendary Pokémon on them.

That’s it for Pokémon Day 2018. I think we can agree that, once again, Pokémon Day has blown all other holidays out of the water. Christmas is butt compared to Pokémon Day, is what I’m saying.

Photos via Snapchat, The Pokemon Company

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