Playing 'Cloverfield' and 'Paradox' Together Reveals an Insane Connection

If you press play on 2008’s Cloverfield and the new Netflix film Cloverfield Paradox at the same time, something truly incredible happens: Just as the crew of the Cloverfield successfully fire the Shepard particle accelerator, all hell breaks loose in the New York City of 2008 in Cloverfield.

On Tuesday, someone posted to Reddit about the phenomenon, saying, “Skip to around 18:20 in each movie, press play at the same time, and get the chills like I did…”

In Cloverfield, that’s when Rob is outside on the fire escape, complaining about his love life when suddenly we hear some kind of explosion and rumbling, causing the camera to shake. frantically.

In The Cloverfield Paradox, the team successfully fires the Shepard particle accelerator, but then it fails, triggering violent tremors on the station and transporting the mall to a different dimension.

The extreme synchronicity makes the whole thing feel like some sort of Easter egg hinting towards the popular theory that the Shepard particle accelerator fractured the cosmos and triggered events across time, space, and different realities — including the world presented in Cloverfield.

If all this seems too coincidental to be true, just watch the full video that includes the above clip, created by the redditor Ghost_, who put it up on Reddit on Wednesday.

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Especially in a growing cinematic universe where everything hinges upon the events presented in The Cloverfield Paradox, this would be way too big of a coincidence to not be intentional.

Furthermore, the official Twitter account for The Cloverfield Paradox retweeted an article noting this exact phenomenon:

Is the account just looking for a bit of extra publicity for the franchise? Or is this their way of implying this theory might actually be true?

It’s worth noting that 10 Cloverfield Lane doesn’t have any sort of similar uncanny synergy, and definitely no tremor of any kind. Around the 18:20 mark, John Goodman’s character simply explains that everyone in the world is dead.

So is this really an intentional hint towards the nature of this increasingly complicated multiverse? Or just a mere coincidence?

Maybe we’ll find out 18 minutes and 20 seconds into Overlord or Cloverfield 5.

The Cloverfield Paradox is available to stream only on Netflix.

Relive the trailer from the very first Cloverfield movie:

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