Wakanda forever! Marvel’s Black Panther has broken yet another impressive record, this time surpassing any superhero movie before it.

On Wednesday, Fandango reported that Ryan Coogler’s Black Panther has surpassed all superhero movies in pre-sale tickets through its online service. There are still two weeks before the film hits theaters, but that doesn’t seem to be stopping Marvel faithful from seeing the King of Wakanda protect his crown.

In a tweet posted that afternoon, Fandango said Black Panther is “now outpacing ALL superhero movies in advance ticket sales.” That includes even Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, wholly outside the Marvel franchise, and Captain America: Civil War, where Chadwick Boseman debuted his T’Challa. The opening weekend box office for Batman v Superman totaled $166 million.

By the same metrics, Black Panther had already surpassed all previous films by Marvel in early January. Previous tracking for the movie predicted an opening between $100 million to $120 million during the four-day President’s Day weekend, Black Panther opens.

Will Black Panther be the biggest Marvel movie of all time? It just may be, but it also may be one of the most important. 2012’s The Avengers was a game-changing film that altered the landscape of big budget films forever, but Black Panther may be even more significant. As a mainstream superhero movie bringing a regal image of Africa to the rest of the world, Black Panther is deemed to be a “cultural phenomenon” that could actually change minds.

“If you don’t understand the power of representation, imagine growing up never seeing a superhero who looks like you,” wrote Natasha Alford, deputy editor of The Grio on Twitter. “When American Girl dolls came out I always picked Addy who had to escape slavery. But now kids have #BlackPanther’s Nakia, Shuri and Okoye. Dope on many levels.”

Marvel’s Black Panther will be released on February 16.

Thor’s electrifying arrival to Infinity War’s climactic battle in Wakanda might’ve just been the most thrilling moment in a movie full of thrilling moments, but it left some fans puzzled. How did Thor, Groot, and Rocket know where to go? Over the weekend, Infinity War’s directors revealed the answer, tying up a small plot hole that, to be honest, didn’t really need to be tied up.

Pretty much every hero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe rallied to fight Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War (they lost, but that’s not the point). One hero, though, was totally MIA after a brief bout with the Mad Titan at the start of the movie: the Hulk. Fans assumed the Hulk wouldn’t emerge when Bruce Banner tried to transform because the big green guy was scared of Thanos, but one of the film’s directors says that, actually, the Hulk isn’t a giant baby scaredy cat, thank you very much.

It’s not fair to blame the mustache Henry Cavill had for Mission: Impossible — Fallout for ruining Justice League, mostly because Superman’s weird CGI lip honestly didn’t even crack the top ten of that movie’s problems. But, it turns out that Fallout’s director Chris McQuarrie tried to help Justice League out.

If Nick Fury had the pager needed to contact Captain Marvel this whole time, then why did he wait until the post-credits scene of Avengers: Infinity War to call her? She could’ve been a big help in the Battle of New York or some other catastrophe, so why wait? One new Avengers 4 fan theory posits that Fury knew exactly when he was supposed to call Captain Marvel, and it’s because the Ancient One told him his future.