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Where's the Han Solo Trailer? Twitter Account Creator Speaks

In what has become the strangest news story about Star Wars in the existence of the franchise, the lack of a trailer for one specific film has created more conversation than perhaps the existence of footage for a film everyone is excited about. With roughly four months until it is thought to released, Solo: A Star Wars Story still hasn’t revealed any footage to the public. And now, there’s a fan-made Twitter account specifically documenting this Millennium Falcon-shaped void. And guess what? He loves Rogue One.

The Twitter account @Solomovieyet is a great example of contemporary minimalist internet humor. Obviously, when the trailer drops, the joke is kind of over. But that’s okay. “I started this account to make the wait a little more funny,” Enrique Delgadillo tells Inverse. He’s the guy behind the “Is the Solo Trailer Out Yet?” Twitter account and he lives in Paraguay, South America. “I think that Star Wars fans — all of us — really demand a lot. There’s only four months for the movie and we have nothing. And I just thought: just make it funny.”

Delgadillo has succeeded there, again, with expertly placed minimalist deadpan humor. Today, @Solomovieyet just tweeted one word “No.” Yesterday it was “Nope.”

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From his point of view, Delgadillo thinks “all the movies are really good,” but believes the franchise needs newer, more inventive films to continue to stay relevant. “Works like Rogue One is what we need, Gareth Edwards did a really great work,” he says.

For now, Delgadillo is reserving judgment on whether or not Solo, or its trailer, will be any good. “I really want to watch the trailer first before I throw any opinion,” he says. “But, I admit it will be really interesting to watch Woody Harrelson and Emilia Clarke in a Star Wars movie, I think their roles are gonna be really good.”

For now, if you want to make sure you know when the Solo trailer actually drops, Delgadillo might be the only newsfeed you need to watch.

Solo: A Star Wars Story is still slated for a May 25, 2018 release, despite the trailer still being mysteriously lost in hyperspace.

Media via Lucasfilm

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