Netflix’s dramatic new apocalyptic series isn’t concerned about zombies or suicide-inducing plants, but The Rain sure is channeling some serious Walking Dead and The Happening vibes. Stay dry or stay dead, folks.

The first teaser trailer released on YouTube Monday, and in it, two parentless siblings eek out a miserable existence inside a fallout shelter. The only safe way to go outside is with a hazmat suit. It’s not immediately clear why that’s the case until you remember that this show is called The Rain and some guy gets nailed by some bad raindrops.

In The 100, a century of nuclear radiation turned the rain to acid that melted anyone caught in it, but this is something else entirely. Does it turn people into zombies? Does it make them go all suicidal like in The Happening? Does it just melt them or give them some mega-flu? Whatever it is, it’s very bad.

The official description says, “Six years after a brutal virus carried by the rain wiped out almost all humans in Scandinavia, two Danish siblings emerge from the safety of their bunker to find all remnants of civilization gone.”

That explains why many of the sweeping exterior shots of decaying buildings and cars look straight out of I am Legend, 28 Days Later, or The Walking Dead.

What happens when the rain hits you?

Eventually, these siblings join up with a small group of fellow survivors and have to deal with not only deadly rain, but lots of drama:

“In their struggle for survival, they discover that even in a post-apocalyptic world there’s still love, jealousy, coming of age, and many of the problems they thought they’d left behind with the disappearance of the world they once knew.

All in all, the trailer offer’s a ton of suspense, but we can’t help but think it’s a missed opportunity to include Passion Pit’s super-sad and -dramatic “Look Like Rain”.

The Rain premieres only on Netflix sometime in Spring 2018.

Photos via Netflix (1, 2)

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