Zachary Quinto is picking up where Leonard Nimoy left off, again. In a world full of reboots and revivals, the return of In Search Of… has the added bonus of Star Trek nostalgia and a heartwarming passing of the baton between Nimoy and Quinto.

According to Deadline, the 1970s franchise In Search Of is being rebooted. The show, which was at one-time hosted by Nimoy, will now be hosted by Quinto. Each episode will follow Quinto as he attempts to find the truth in some the world’s unexplained phenomena. Witnesses will share their experience, scholars will discuss from a place of expertise and demonstrations will help bridge potential gap in the viewer’s knowledge.

The original series ran from 1997-1982 with Rod Serling as the original host, but Nimoy took over after Serling passed away.

“In the spirit of my late dear friend Leonard Nimoy, we intend to honor and perpetuate his endless curiosity about the world – and universe – in which we live,” Quinto said in a statement. Quinto took over the role of Spock in a series of Star Trek films starting in 2009, a role which Nimoy, who passed away in 2015, was known for.

“In the ‘70s and ‘80s, the legendary Leonard Nimoy captivated viewers by transporting them through the world of unsolved mysteries and paranormal phenomena,” said Eli Lehrer, Executive Vice President of Programming, History.

Part of Nimoy’s success as host came from his personal love for investigating the mysteries of the world. William Shatner wrote, “While digging into Van Gogh’s life, he actually discovered hospital records that indicated the painter had suffered from epilepsy, rather than being insane,” in his 2016 book Leonard. Nimoy later did an episode of In Search Of called “In Search Of Vincent van Gogh.”

There is no airdate for the 10-episode series at this time.

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