When fans think about fights in superhero movies, they tend to picture two hulking figures, clad in bright costumes, pounding the crap out of one another. However, new set footage from Venom reminds us that words can hurt, too, as star Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock was filmed getting into a spat with co-star Michelle Williams’s character.

The footage, which appeared on Twitter courtesy of the Turkish news outlet Kültürpat, shows Hardy approaching Williams outside of what looks to be a bank. Williams is so angry (or perhaps surprised) by his sudden appearance that she drops the cardboard box she’s carrying as the two engage in conversation. Though it hasn’t officially been confirmed, all signs indicate that Williams is playing Eddie Brock’s ex-wife Anne Weying, so it would make sense that the two aren’t necessarily on great terms.

In the 1995 comics Venom: Sinner Takes All, the Symbiote infected Weying, turning her into She-Venom. It’s unclear if the same thing is going to happen in the Venom movie, which is largely inspired by Venom: Lethal Protector and “Planet of the Symbiotes” from The Amazing Spider-Man.

Fans have seen quite a bit of footage from the Venom set, although the Symbiote has been largely MIA since the costume likely involves a lot of post-production work. However, this will probably be the last bit of set footage to come from Venom, as Hardy seemingly announced that they’ve wrapped shooting in an Instagram he posted on Saturday.

Venom will hit theaters on October 5, 2018.

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