Much has been made of the climactic lightsaber “battle” in Rian Johnson’s divisive Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Even in a film that divided opinion on its treatment of long-held Star Wars traditions — wearing scary masks and keeping the bad guy alive until the final movie in the trilogy — the battle between Yrlo Ren and Luke Skywalker on the salt planet of Crait was perhaps the most-discussed.

The crux of the Skywalker-Ren showdown is one of confusion. What the hell? Jedi can just appear wherever they want like holograms? Some thought it a cool way to underline the impact of Luke’s legacy, some thought it a weird plot hole (spoiler: it was the first one).

Whatever you think, there was certainly little within the established Star Wars canon that suggested what Luke did — even as the most powerful Jedi of all-time — should even be possible. That is, until director Rian Johnson shared a series of tweets that, once and for all, refuted the notion, pointing to a Lucasfilm-approved book called The Jedi Path, published in 2010. The book set a precedent for something called the “doppelgänger” under “Advanced Force Techniques.”

The cover of 'The Jedi Path'

Anyway, don’t take my (or Rian Johnson’s) word for it: you can own The Jedi Path right now. It’s available on Amazon Prime, along with another book, Book of Sith.

You can buy The Jedi Path and Book of the Sith for $33.48.

The cover for 'Book of Sith'

It’s a small price to pay to get a head-start on all the crazy new Jedi powers that debut in J.J. Abrams’s Episode IX, due out in December 2019.

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One of the latest challenges to hit Fortnite: Battle Royale requires a steady aim and lightning fast reflexes if you want to succeed at the shooting galleries in this Week 4 challenge, though you’ll have to find them first. Less serious dancing is reserved for a totally different challenge this week.

The Fortnite: Battle Royale Season 6 Hunting Party Challenge continues, and much like Week 3, the focus of the new secret loading screen is Fable, the character that looks like a badass Little Red Riding Hood. We’ve got all the details on how to solve this new loading screen puzzle and the secret this week, but just like in Week 2, there’s a secret banner instead of a battle star.

Gone are the days of “search between” and “treasure maps,” because Fortnite: Battle Royale’s location-based challenges these days involve multiple steps and dancing on top of random landmarks. So where can players dance on top of a Clock Tower, a Pink Tree, and a Porcelain Throne?

Fortnite Season 6, Week 4 kicked off Thursday morning, and with it came the typical seven new challenges. This week, however, they’re all fairly difficult, or otherwise just involve a lot of work. The fifth challenge initially just reads “Dance on top of a Clock Towers,” but it’s essentially one of the multi-stage challenges that we’ve seen before. This time around, however, it’s a bit misleading because it doesn’t actually say “Stage 1” in the title.

With less than two weeks before Halloween, Epic Games is starting to get a little bit more festive with a new Fortnite: Battle Royale Challenge in Week 4. “Ring the doorbell of a house with an opponent inside in different matches” is a very wordy way of telling players to go trick-or-treating.

Rumor has it Nintendo is teaming up with Square Enix to bring another new character to the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster. Leaks have been few and far between (possibly because the Final Fantasy developer is doing its best to keep the secret), but new information may have finally confirmed exactly which new Square Enix character is coming to Smash Bros. Ultimate.