The new Black Panther suit wielded by T’Challa in Black Panther has some awesome new powers that look straight out of Dragon Ball Z, and it’s probably enough to make even Goku a little jealous.

A new TV spot for Black Panther released Thursday. Titled “War,” it focuses on the emerging conflict between T’Challa and Michael B. Jordan’s Erik Killmonger while offering up some new footage, including one especially cool shot of the Black Panther suit emitting a burst of energy as T’Challa lands on the ground. The shockwave sends dozens of soldiers flying.

As it turns out, this new power designed by T’Challa’s sister Shuri allows the suit to absorb kinetic energy and reflect it out in this kind of shockwave attack. In another clip from the ubiquitous night-time car chase scene from most Black Panther trailers, T’Challa uses it to flip a car over. If you’ve been wondering why this new suit has some glowing purple lines running through it, this is probably why.

Black Panther sends out a blast of built up kinetic energy.

Considering the suit is made from impenetrable vibranium that reflects gunfire, this is a practical way to put all that energy to good use.

The effect is remarkably similar to that one time Thor slammed Mjolnir down on Captain America’s shield in the first Avengers movie, but instead of instantly reflecting all that energy, Black Panther’s suit is able to store it, presumably for extended periods of time.

This new suit is just one of tons of Wakandan technology developed by T’Challa genius sister, Shuri, who might just be the smartest person in the MCU.

What other amazing pieces of technology might we see when Black Panther finally hits theaters? We can’t wait to find out.

Black Panther will be in theaters February 16, 2018.

Photos via Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures (1, 2)

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