Forget your complaints about James Franco or The Big Sick being snubbed in the 2018 Oscar nominations, because the biggest travesty to come out of the noms was the academy completely ignoring one of the best Batman movies ever: The Lego Batman Movie.

Announced on Tuesday morning, the 2018 Oscar nominations included several significant noms for the likes of Jordan Peele‘s Get Out and Guillermo del Toro’s Shape of Water — but absolutely nothing for the Dark Knight. The Lego Batman Movie* came out February 10, 2017, so it’s probably not fresh in many people’s minds, but it still stands as one of the best animated features of the year.

So why wasn’t it nominated for Animated Feature?

The nominees in that category include The Boss Baby, The Breadwinner, Coco, Ferdinand, and Loving Vincent. Notably, the same thing happened in 2014 with The Lego Movie — a widely loved animated feature about Lego characters was snubbed by the Oscars.

Chris Miller, one of The Lego Batman Movie’s producers, had a fitting response Tuesday morning following the formal announcement of the nominations:

Even Logan — from the world of X-Men, a Marvel property — picked up a nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay this year. Across the board, there’s no love for any DC Comics-related property here in 2018.

Sure, Justice League was, generally speaking, pretty shrug-worthy, but Wonder Woman remains one of the top-rated superhero movies ever. Where was Patty Jenkins’s nomination for Best Director? Or, heck, a single nomination for the beloved film?

The Lego Batman Movie remains Certified Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes at 91 percent, whereas Ferdinand rests at 70 percent, and the horrific Boss Baby sits at 52 percent. Sadly, popular opinion hardly matters when it comes to the academy.

But what exactly do they have against Lego?

If you missed it, stream The Lego Batman Movie on HBO right now.

The 90th Academy Awards will air on Sunday, March 4.

Did you all forget that Ryan Reynolds (and not Danny Devito) is voicing Pikachu in the live-action movie POKÉMON Detective Pikachu? Well, he is, and there is an honest to goodness trailer to prove it. Also, there are like five characters from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in the film, if you want to be technical about it.

There may never be a Too Many Cooks sequel, but that doesn’t mean the 11-minute Adult Swim sitcom parody was a one-time deal. If you ask the creators, they’ll point you to Final Deployment 4, a “spiritual successor” that aired on Adult Swim earlier this year, but if you talk to some of the actors featured in the original viral video they’ll immediately mention something else entirely: Too Many Cooks the Musical.

The world changed forever on October 28, 2014, at four in the morning, but most of us wouldn’t know it until almost a week later.

When Adult Swim debuted Too Many Cooks in that early morning time slot, almost no one thought it would find an audience. Within a week, the surreal 11-minute parody of a ‘90s sitcom theme song had racked up over 5 million views on YouTube and earned public praise from the likes of Zach Braff and Star Wars director Rian Johnson. (In the years since it’s pulled in another 15 million streams on YouTube, and that’s not even counting all the parodies, explainer videos, and unofficial rips.)

Woop-woop! That’s the sound of tha police!” Or it might just be the sound of the police Radar Signs that have been placed along the roads on the Fortnite: Battle Royale* island for a new Season 6, Week 5 challenge.

Week 5 challenges were unlocked Thursday morning. With several totally normal damage-based challenges comes a new edition of the old “Flaming Hoops” task but also a fun new speed-based challenge that pretty much requires a Quadcrasher. The challenge has players “Record a speed of 27 or more on different Radar Signs” five different times. Is that MPH? KPH? We may never know, but we do know it’s gotta be fast.