The Big Wolf Can Fly in 'Rampage,' the New Romance Movie Starring The Rock

Why do we sometimes hurt the ones we love, either with words or by shooting a giant flying wolf with a machine gun?

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson normally stars in action-filled blockbusters, but his upcoming movie Rampage is a little different, as it’s a tender romantic drama about the unusual and beautiful love between a man and his albino gorilla partner. The first trailer for the genre-swapped adaptation of the classic arcade game focused on the romance, but a new trailer, which came out on Sunday, implies a love triangle of sorts involving a giant flying wolf.

The wolf’s wings, which are really more like the membranes that allow flying squirrels to glide, mark another change from the source material in addition to changing the genre from action to romance. In Rampage, the 1986 arcade game, Ralph was a human who had been transformed into a giant werewolf. Ralph did not have any wings in that game, nor was he a threat to George the gorilla’s relationship with his beefy human trainer. In fact, the Rock’s chatacter doesn’t appear in the original game, which is much more focused on destroying cities than it is on tugging heartstrings.

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Still, Ralph’s ability to fly is not surprising to The Rock, who dryly remarks “of course the wolf flies” in the trailer. The line is delivered the cadence of a man who is tired — perhaps weary from being caught in the middle of two great loves?

“You know there are other ways of dealing with people,” co-star Naomie Harris asks The Rock as the trailer ends. To anyone who has loved or lost, this poignant line rings especially true. Why do we sometimes hurt the ones we love, either with words or by shooting a giant flying wolf with a machine gun, the way the Rock does in the trailer? It is a great mystery, one that Rampage will attempt to tackle when the film opens in theaters on April 20.

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