A good pair of headphones is pretty much essential, from chilling at home to tuning out the drudgery of your office for hours on end.

Here is a small list of qualities that make a good pair of headphones: big, comfy, nice to look at, wireless. Wouldn’t you know it, all of our picks for the very best wireless headphones Amazon has to offer include these features, plus a few extras, too.

7. Mpow 059 Bluetooth Headphones

The Mpow is a solid, very affordable option for anyone looking for basic good-quality headphones. These have a decent built-in mic for making calls, plus plenty of color options to boot. [Amazon, $36.99]

6. New Bee Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones

The New Bee headphones include “Active Noise-Canceling”, meaning they have a built-in function that filters out basic loud noises (by up to 85 percent!) so you can focus fully on your music. [Amazon, $79.88]

5. Avantree 40-hour Bluetooth Headphones

The Avantree headphones claim 40 hours of continuous playtime, which is a lot of music or your favorite boring podcasts or whatever. Moreover, it comes equipped with a “wired mode” so even when you (inexplicably) run out of juice, they can keep going. [Amazon, $44.99]

4. TaoTronics Over Ear Bluetooth Headphones

Fully charge these bad boys in just two hours and get nearly three months of standby time. There are built-in volume controls and track selection on the headphones themselves, too. [Amazon, $39.99]

3. HapFit Retractable Bluetooth Headphones

Some heavy-duty headphones that still fold up real nice, so you can take them just about anywhere. [Amazon, $37.99]

2. JLab Audio Neon Bluetooth Headphones

The most lightweight pair on this list still have plenty of battery and sound quality, and come in some swanky colorways as well. [Amazon, $29.99]

1. Ucio Bluetooth Noise Canceling Stereo Headset

The Ucio “headset” — which, far as I can tell, is just a fancy word for “headphones” — comes with something called “memory protein” — which, far as I can tell, is a fancy word for “memory foam” — that’ll keep them comfy all day long. [Amazon, $16.99]

Elon Musk has a tough schedule. In an explosive interview published Thursday night, the Tesla CEO defended sometimes erratic behavior by revealing details about his 120 work weeks, factory all nighters on his birthday, and a sleep schedule that’s all but impossible to maintain without Ambien.

“It is often a choice of no sleep or Ambien,” Musk told the New York Times. Two people familiar with the board told the publication that some members are concerned about his use of the drug, with some noting that instead of going to sleep Musk stays up and posts on Twitter.

AirPower, Apple’s wireless charging mat, is almost here. That’s according to a Friday report that claims the long-awaited peripheral is due for launch at a September press conference, alongside a cheaper MacBook and three new iPhones.

It’s the latest sign of an imminent launch for Apple’s charger, announced at last September’s iPhone X press conference alongside the company’s first wireless-supporting phones but missing in action ever since. The device, which uses a Lightning charging port to receive power, can charge up to three devices at once as long as they support the Qi standard. The pad will also support an extension to the Qi standard that enables support for smaller devices, like the Apple Watch Series 3. The DigiTimes report claimed that the pad would cost somewhere around $161 to $193, placing it at the high end of charger prices.

A day after Apple retracted the seventh iOS 12 developers beta hours after its release, the company has pushed out iOS beta 8 in an effort to address some of the seventh beta’s blunders.

The previous update was the most bug-riddled one yet. Developers took to Reddit and Twitter to report that apps were unacceptability slow to load or wouldn’t load at all. For the moment, it would seem that this most recent patch has already fixed its predecessor’s shortcomings.

Monday saw the seventh patch for the iOS 12 beta in what has been a rapid fire of updates to the unreleased software. Users who signed up for Apple’s $99 developers program now have the option to upgrade their iPhone or iPad once again, only a week after the release of the previous beta.

The flip phone could make a comeback. New concept renders released on Thursday show how Samsung’s long-rumored “Galaxy F” foldable phone could radically transform the smartphone space, with the first major form factor change since Apple’s iPhone convinced most of the industry to produce flat black slabs back in 2007.

The renders were produced for NieuweMobile by Jonas Daehnert, a freelance industrial designer from Erfurt, Germany, based on patents filed by Samsung relating to a foldable phone. The fold would enable a switch from the 18.5 by 9 ratio screen on the Galaxy S9 Plus to a 21 by 9 screen with 1,440 by 3,360 pixels. If Samsung aims for the same pixel density as the S9 series, that would make the F’s screen around 7.3 inches in size. It would mean a staggering amount of screen real estate for watching films and responding to WhatsApp messages, but Daehnert notes that it’s unlikely to fold flat, so it will probably have a wedge-shaped gap similar to Microsoft’s Surface Book laptop.