If the rumored standalone Obi-Wan Kenobi Star Wars movie turns out to not be a mind trick orchestrated by the dark side of the Force, then that means fan discussions of possible character cameos will go into overdrive. Even if Obi-Wan doesn’t manage to leave Tatooine in the movie, he could be visited by the ghost of Qui-Gon Jinn. On Monday, actor Liam Neeson told Yahoo that the character could return saying “I know in the Star Wars world anything is possible.” And if Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn’s spirit did return and speak to Obi-Wan, the scene is oddly already written.

In October 2017, Del Rey published the Star Wars short story book A Certain Point of View. In it, several authors spin brief vignettes from the point of view of several characters, observing the events of A New Hope. In Claudia Gray’s “Master and Apprentice,” the ghost of Qui-Gon Jinn visits Obi-Wan while Luke has run to check on his Uncle and Aunt at the farm.

Obviously, we know what happens when Luke gets to the farm and when he gets back, but Gray’s story shows us Obi-Wan chat with Qui-Gon during that brief downtime. But, the most important thing about the story is that it establishes that these ghost chats are fairly frequent, meaning Qui-Gon Jinn does drop in on Obi-Wan often enough for this little visit not to be weird.

If the Obi-Wan movie does mostly take place on Tatooine, and depict Obi-Wan mostly hanging out and thinking about how screwed up his life is, a scene or two where Qui-Gon gives him a pep talk would be welcome. And, if the rumored screenwriters of a hypothetical Obi-Wan movie want some inspiration, they should look to Claudia Gray’s excellent writing.

For what it’s worth, Liam Neeson made it clear Monday that “no one has been in touch” with him about such a thing actually happening. Which is too bad, because he’s teased fans before. And we’re still waiting for that evil Jar Jar movie to happen.

You can grab a copy of A Certain Point of View right here. But if you want the audiobook version, it’s good to remember that Jon Hamm plays Boba Fett in it!

Photos via Lucasfilm/Dinsey

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