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Bruce Lee Fighting With Nunchuck Lightsabers Wins the Internet

Martial arts master Bruce Lee probably invented the badass movie fight scene, but because of some kind of huge injustice in the space-time continuum, he was never able to fight with a lightsaber in any of his movies. Luckily, that oversight has been corrected.

On Friday, Patrick Nan published a fan-made video which replaces Lee’s nunchucks in 1972’s Fist of Fury with a lightsaber variety. Lee’s combatant in the video wields a red lightsaber that seems to have initially been a katana.

Nan was apparently prompted to make the video based on a piece of fan art depicting Lee facing off against several Sith Lords, all of whom seem to be members of the either the Knights of Ren or dudes who dressed similarly to the fan-favorite Sith Lord, Darth Revan.

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Though the martial arts in the newer Star Wars movies might not be on par with anything Bruce Lee was capable of, Last Jedi stunt coordinator, Liang Yang did comment in late 2017, that Daisy Ridley was capable of learning fight sequences much quicker than he had anticipated. Meanwhile, Bruce Lee’s fan fic yellow lightsaber blades will remind many of the fact that a yellow lightsaber hasn’t really appeared in a Star Wars movie yet, though several characters have had yellow sabers before. Some fans have even predicted that Rey will get her own yellow saber staff in Episode IX, which would hopefully allow lightsaber nunchucks to be next.

Then again, some of Snoke’s Praetorian Guards did fight with vibro-blade weapons that sort of looked like nunchucks, so, you never know.

Here’s hoping that Patrick Nan makes more fan videos like this and that J.J. Abrams seriously considers including the lightsaber nunchuck into Star Wars: Episode IX.

**Star Wars: The Last Jedi is out in wide theatrical release now. Fist of Fury is available to stream on Amazon.

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