Amazon’s new anthology series based on the works of one of America’s greatest science fiction authors, Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams, premiered on Friday, and it’s already being compared to Black Mirror. The comparison is understandable, but not necessarily fair. Even so, newcomers to this new sci-fi anthology series might wonder if they should be keeping an eye out for one of Black Mirror’s hallmarks: copious amounts of Easter eggs linking all the varied episodes. Did Philip K. Dick dream of Easter eggs?

Not in the traditional sense, showrunner Michael Dinner explained to Inverse. Whereas pretty much every Black Mirror episode features some winking reference to a character or technology from another entry in the series, Electric Dreams doesn’t have concrete links between its 10 episodes. That doesn’t mean there aren’t subtle throughlines throughout the series.

“As the scripts started coming in, even though they were wildly different, there we elements. from production design to some of the camera work, where there are Easter eggs there,” Dinner explained, employing a pretty liberal definition of “Easter egg.”

He explained that he’d taken Harry Gregson-Williams main theme for the series and given it to the four other composers and encouraged them to weave riffs of it into their scores.

“You know that kids game where you get everyone in a circle and wisper and see how it comes out on the other end?” Dinner explained.

So, not exactly the smoking gun sort of Easter egg that fans like to find, but a connection of some sort. It’s perhaps for the best, since Electric Dreams is at its best when it’s focused on emotion, rather than meta technicalities.

That said, Dinner would like to ramp up some of the connections if Electric Dreams gets renewed for a second season and beyond.

“I think that in year 2, year 3, I would try to drop even more stuff like that,” he said.

Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams is currently streaming on Amazon.

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It’s only Tuesday, but the latest batch of Fortnite: Battle Royale challenges have already leaked. We actually covered the initial news (and the mystery behind it) last week, but with Season 6 challenges quickly approaching here’s a quick guide on what you can do to prepare for the update (presumably version 5.3).

Monday is normally the day when Epic Games gives a tease of what’s coming in the next update for Fortnite: Battle Royale. While the company has yet to tweet or post about the update on the game’s subreddit, the update will likely happen Tuesday morning and include some interesting content.

Tuesday’s patch for Fortnite: Battle Royale will include new content and fixes to the game. One of the pieces will cause a big change to the game while the rest will be welcome additions for players.

Slender Man is the first feature film based on the wildly popular Slender Man creepypasta stories, but the movie’s abrupt ending suggests that the filmmakers don’t intend on producing a sequel. What we got instead a message that seems to put the franchise in an identity crisis.

Warning: Slender Man spoilers ahead.

Shark movies have an important place in film history. Jaws, the first-ever summer blockbuster, changed the film industry forever. Despite having a much bigger shark in it The Meg will certainly not make as big a splash as Jaws. The new action movie is perfectly dumb in the best possible way, though in an unexpected twist, the giant shark is really itself just bait to get moviegoers to see a Jason Statham movie.

Epic Games’ Fortnite: Battle Royale Summer Skirmish Series had a rocky start, but the weekly esports competition vastly improved over the course of four weeks. In Week 5, the event will go back to a duos tournament, but this time around, players will be awarded for a more aggressive playstyle.

On Thursday, Epic revealed the format for the Week 5 Summer Skirmish Series, which it calls King Pin. Fifty teams of two will compete in eight matches. They will receive points for each elimination they rack up, but what makes things interesting are the bonuses. A duo can receive double their points in the next match if they score seven or more eliminations or triple the points if they earn a Victory Royale. With this format, the team that strategizes and wins multiple matches could handily beat out the competition if they score plenty of kills or all their efforts to earn a Victory Royale could be for naught if they die right away in the next match.