Hugh Jackman’s last go as the clawed X-Men hero, Logan, is a brutally violent send-off for the actor. It is, however, still a superhero movie, and kids love superheroes. Perhaps that’s why Alamo Drafthouse Cinema felt the need to issue a PSA to parents letting them know that this is a violent, R-rated movie.

The highbrow company — perhaps best known for its harsh stance on talking and cell phone use during screenings — tweeted out a PSA poster on February 28, and it warns:

Attention parents: important information about Logan. Please note that Logan isn’t your typical superhero movie. This film is rated R for extreme and brutal violence. Given the disturbing content, we do not recommend that children see Logan.

This movie sure as hell is not for kids, despite the inclusion of Logan’s 12-year-old sidekick, Laura (Dafne Keen). You might remember that last fall, director James Mangold said, “Basically, if you’re on the make for a hyper choreographed, gravity defying, city-block destroying CG fuckathon, this aint your movie.” There are no colorful Avengers here, just old mutants and a ferocious small child that is prone to launching herself off of her sort-of dad’s back to murder people.

It would appear that James Mangold made good on the promise that “people will get hurt or killed when shit falls on them” in this movie, especially given the shot from a previous red-band trailer in which Logan stabs his claws right through a guy’s head.

What would Steve Rogers say about this, bub?

Cap would be beside himself with all of the cussing and head stabbing bound to happen when Logan hits theaters — Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas included — on March 3.

Fortnite: Battle Royale Season 5 is just around the corner. It might feel like Season 5 just began, but as summer winds down you can expect to see some major changes in the popular game. So when exactly will these changes occur? And what will they be?

Here’s everything you need to know about the start of Fortnite Season 6, and our best theories for what to expect in the next couple of weeks.

Everyone’s favorite interdimensional animated duo, Morty Smith and Rick Sanchez, have been on hiatus since Rick and Morty Season 3 ended in October 2017. Even though Adult Swim ordered a whopping 70 more episodes of the show for the near future, the only thing on anybody’s mind is when Season 4 might finally grace us with more wacky adventures.

The first official photo of Joaquin Phoenix in character as the Joker had him looking decidedly nonplussed, but the first video teaser may give you genuine chills. The new Joker camera test not only gives Phoenix some creepy clown makeup, but the Clown Prince of Crime even cracks a smile.

Earlier this week, Joker director Todd Phillips shared the first official photo of Joaquin Phoenix as Arthur Fleck, the man that goes on to become Batman’s greatest nemesis, but on Friday afternoon, he shared a screen test from what looks like the same moment as the photo. Except here, the projection of a clown video flickers across Fleck’s face as he slowly cracks a smile, revealing a layer of smudged clown makeup across his face.

Like an alien symbiote creeping in the night, Eminem surprised the world with the unexpected release of his latest album, Kamikaze. The final track, “Venom,” is a tie-in to the upcoming Marvel anti-hero movie where Tom Hardy plays a reporter who comes in contact with an inky black substance that turns him into the monstrous Venom.

The latest in the endless string of Avengers 4 fan theories could plug one of the most glaring MCU plot holes since Captain America: The Winter Soldier debuted in 2014.

In case you forgot, the big twist of Winter Soldier is that Hydra hijacked the entire system, and one of the names that’s deemed a threat to the evil organization is Stephen Strange — before he even becomes a sorcerer. So what gives and how does it connect to Avengers 4?