The Inverse Interview

Bruce Campbell vs. the Marvel Cinematic Universe

“Well, he's in the universe now,” Campbell tells Inverse of his MCU character. “Which means he's in every universe because these are all multi-layered universes.”

Gaming Interviews

'Stray' producer on how a design limitation led to being "utterly inspired"

The cat’s out of the bag.

The Inverse Interview

Legendary Star Wars writer Lawerence Kasdan Is ready to make 'Solo 2'


'The Callisto Protocol' creator says it's way scarier than 'Dead Space'

Inverse speaks with Striking Distance Studios' Chief Creative Officer Chris Stone about how 'The Callisto Protocol' will stand apart from 'Dead Space.'

Inverse Interview

Exclusive: Wesley Snipes dives into a cyberpunk apocalypse in 'The Exiled'

The man who brought Blade to life talks about his neo-noir graphic novel.

The Inverse Interview

'Westworld’s new executive producer isn’t reading your fan theories — for now

Alison Schapker’s work on The Flash, Alias, Altered Carbon, Lost, and Fringe has given her a deeper appreciation for fan culture.


'Star Trek: Resurgence' could be the franchise's first truly great video game

The choice is yours.

The Inverse Interview

How Marcel the Shell invented "never been done before” stop-motion

With a documentary and stop-motion hybrid, a comedy about a small seashell may have as much technical sophistication as blockbusters with fighter jets and dinosaurs.

The Inverse Interview

Robert Eggers still can't believe Hollywood let him make 'The Northman'

The Inverse Interview

How Joseph Quinn became the (dungeon) master of 'Stranger Things'

Inverse Gaming Interviews

'Sims 4' devs reveal why the Sexual Orientation update is free for all players

The newest feature update in 'The Sims 4' continues to show the franchise's commitment to creating an inclusive gaming experience for all players.

First Class

Crisis Core Reunion devs reveal how the remaster will “enhance” FF7 Rebirth

Zack is back.

Open World 🎮

Guilty Gear Strive just made its new DLC fighter a queer icon overnight

Trans representation in fighting games.


Dull gameplay holds back a daring story in Digimon Survive

Inverse score: 6/10.


Call of Duty fans share their hopes and fears for Warzone 2.0

A new day ahead.

Virtual Road Trip

Forever Ago aims to change video game protagonists forever

A different kind of road trip

Leading lady

Soul Hackers 2 finally ditches the silent protagonist

Give me the jacket, Atlus.

Open World

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet's open world is exactly what the series needs

A natural evolution.

Portable power

33 years ago, one Nintendo innovation changed how we game forever

Right in the palm of your hand.


PS Plus vs Game Pass: Sony's worries prove a simpler approach is best

Keep it simple.


Look: 6 intriguing indie games from the Annapurna Interactive Showcase

Beary endearing

You need to play the most adorable indie sim of 2022

The bear is out of the bag.


Knights of the Old Republic can learn an important lesson from FF7 Remake

A major disturbance in the Force.

Main Character Energy

Grand Theft Auto 6’s female protagonist needs to be more than a stereotype

Not just a pretty face.

Easter Egg

NieR: Automata fans can't explain the game's newest mystery

What does it all mean?!

Inverse Game Reviews

Stray is the best cat game ever made and a serious GOTY contender

Inverse Score: 9/10

Inverse Gaming Interviews

'Sims 4' devs reveal why the Sexual Orientation update is free for all players

The newest feature update in 'The Sims 4' continues to show the franchise's commitment to creating an inclusive gaming experience for all players.

the endgame

Mass Effect 3’s original ending was wildly different — and way cooler

But would it have color-coded choices?

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Mind + Body
Mind and Body

One type of walking reliably boosts fitness more than any other

Here’s why — alongside a few good reasons to give Nordic walking a try.

Mind and Body

Repairing America’s underground infrastructure reveals an unsettled scientific debate

The industry insists that cured-in-place plastic pipe liners are safe. Some scientists say the installation process is not.

Sunday Scaires

Living near one neglected piece of urban eye candy can greatly boost mental health

Blue space regeneration efforts could reduce mental health inequalities.

Mind and Body

Nordic Diet vs. Mediterranean Diet: The health benefits of eating like a Viking, explained

The Nordic diet was established in 2010. Is it worth trying?

Mind and Body

Are fake meats better for the environment? Yes, but it’s more complex than you think

Here’s what the numbers have to say.


How is nature connected to well-being? It's complicated, scientists say

Experts reviewed hundreds of papers to draw scientific conclusions about our cultural and ecological connections to nature.

Reel Science

The most miraculous sci-fi movie on Netflix reveals a scientific debate over aging

Is it really possible to stop aging, as The Age of Adaline suggests?

Pump it

This popular anti-aging goo can help regrow muscle — study

How muscle stem cells activate themselves to repair damaged tissue has boggled scientists. Now we know hyaluronic acid might be the key.

Gut check

Bacteria-eating virus cocktails may effectively treat gut inflammation — study

Two huge breakthroughs could change the game for people with Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

gut check

Genetically engineered gut bacteria boost long-term metabolic health — mouse study

This technique could eventually help treat human metabolic conditions using our own genetically-engineered bacteria.


We need to talk about "mild Covid" — and why it sucks

Early in the pandemic, doctors defined mild, moderate, and severe Covid. Two and a half years later, do they still make sense?


Hormones in hair may reveal how chronically stressed you are — study

Long-term stress isn’t good for you, and your hair knows it.


Ground-breaking technology restores dead organs back to a life-like state

This is the first time anyone has been able to restore organs in a body all at once.


Is collagen worth taking? Scientists reveal the ideal method for building the protein

Our body naturally produces collagen — it's also a 2 billion dollar supplement industry.

Mind and Body

The brain’s memory hub may explain why some people get PTSD and others don’t — study

In trauma’s early aftermath, changes in the hippocampus could help identify and potentially prevent PTSD from developing.

Longevity Hacks

Unripe bananas have a hereditary cancer prevention property — study

Finally: a reason to eat more starch!

Exploring Mars
The Inverse Interview

For All Mankind Season 3’s space mogul is better than Elon Musk — here's why

It’s easy to make real-world comparisons to For All Mankind’s tech mogul space pioneer character, but Edi Gathegi says you’ve got to trust the science fiction.


10 years ago, the Curiosity rover arrived on Mars — and revolutionized the hunt for alien life

Armed with a suite of instruments, the rover was able to tackle the Red Planet like never before.


NASA greenlights two new Mars helicopters and lengthens Perseverance’s resume

Space agencies are dreaming up a new way to bring Martian rocks to Earth.

The abyss

Mars Express: New images reveal the depths of the red planet's largest canyon

The images reveal Mars canyon's frightening depths.


A single-atom thick material could make a 127-year-old space travel idea a reality

The material of the future could make an imaginative concept of the past real.

Reel Science

The best sci-fi thriller on HBO Max reveals a brutal truth about life on Mars

Living on Mars is a dystopian hell in this classic ‘90s movie. Will real life be the same?


Where is SpaceX’s Starship?

The seeming hold-up in Starship tests is not all red tape’s fault.


Scientists track down the origin of the oldest Mars meteorite to a single crater

Like Guess Who? but with craters.


Look: SpaceX teases orbital test flight with dramatic Starship images

Long time coming.


NASA just built the best map of Mars to date using 51,000 images

“It’s effectively a whole new data set that will fuel a second wave of discoveries about Mars’ surface composition.”

Space Time

25 years ago, NASA landed its first rover on Mars — and catalyzed the search for life

Pathfinder brought the first rover to the Martian surface.


Cosmic rays could erase evidence of past life on Mars

Amino acids don't last long near the Martian surface.


NASA found the crash site of the rocket booster that hit the Moon in March

The crater could help identify the (probably Chinese) rocket.


Vulcan vs. Atlas V: What you need to know about the ULA's next mega-rocket

The Vulcan will replace the Atlas V — ending an unexpected geopolitical volleyball.


The best defense for humans against radiation on Mars may be a rustic mix of ice and dirt — study

Radiation may be the biggest threat to humans living on another planet.


NASA rover discovers one of the "most active sources" of dust devils on Mars

Jezero Crater has particularly high levels of dust and wind activity.

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